Welcome to Shooting analog!

This shall be our new project. If there is enough interest in this project, this platform shall become a forum for all fans of the analog photography.

We are photo enthusiasts who share the love for photography. We do think, that a special forum for analog photography would be a good idea.

The right place if you want to share your knowledge about the right film camera, developing film etc. and above all meet other users who shoot with film cameras. As with all our photo community forums, that community would be be for free.

If you would love to participate as a user in such a new forum, please send an email to us. We need to get a feeling how much demand is there for such a free niche forum and whether it is worth it to put the effort into it.

Curious? Excited about this idea? Send an email to us. Just write “I am interested in an analog photography forum”

We will then keep you updated about the demand and our progress.